Barrett Strategies creates workshops and retreats for corporate teams seeking to improve business results through enhanced alignment, integration, and creativity.





Build your leadership team or board with guided work on team vision or mission, strategic plans, tactical execution, and skills for enhanced communication.


“What will be different after the workshop is over?”

“What does success look like?” 

Answering these questions is the key to building a workshop that meets your needs. Your goals set the standard for success. 

Whether business planning, better communication, or team building is the goal, we will design a workshop to bring out the best in your team.

Leaders are measured by their positive impact on people and organizations. Through development workshops or one-on-one executive coaching, senior managers refine their skills in:

  • understanding their own leadership style
  • communicating and working effectively with others
  • engaging in constructive conflict

Using the MBTI and other tools, leaders learn the skills to broaden their influence and maximize their effectiveness.


To be successful, mission-driven organizations must achieve socially-beneficial objectives while managing multiple stakeholders and maintaining financial health. 

Non-profit leaders have found they can build organizational effectiveness through workshops on board alignment, strategic vision, and enhanced execution. Barrett Strategies prepares leaders to fulfill their promise to constituents through increased fundraising, improved recruitment and retention, and inspired programs.



Does your team need to refine its vision or create a strategic plan? 

Are you looking to energize business results and surpass goals?

Are you integrating new members into the business unit or looking for new ways to motivate high performers?

Our programs bring out your team’s strengths to accelerate achievement.


The answers to most questions lie within the team: Outside consultants are useful when they unlock the team's knowledge and create the energetic alignment that facilitates execution.


We develop customized workshops based on each team's specific goals. Many workshops include a combination of leadership development curriculum as well as exercises focused on business planning.

Our approach to facilitation promotes full engagement and harnesses the team’s inner knowledge leading to heightened commitment to success. Participants are usually surprised at how much the team accomplishes and the resulting sense of momentum.

We work with firms in the finance, professional services, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and creative fields as well as the non-profit sector.

Whether growing enterprises, established global companies or non-profit boards, we assist teams seeking to move to the next level. 



Prior to forming Barrett Strategies, Alison spent the majority of her 25 year career in the real estate and RE finance world working as a senior VP at Benchmark Senior Living and CEO at Keen Development Corporation. 

Through her work, she increasingly saw that a project’s success or failure had more to do with the collaborative strength of teams and their leaders than on business externalities. She saw that small adjustments in direction could change the trajectory of a business. This realization brought a commitment to assisting other teams and their leaders in finding their potential and realizing their goals.

Alison works with each client to assess their needs, to design a unique program, and to personally facilitate their workshop, corporate meeting or off-site retreat.


Let’s face it, when attending a corporate retreat, so much rides on the selection of the facilitator. Alison brings to the table an outstanding corporate career with a personality that wins the group over. Using a sharp sense of emotional intelligence, she guides any conversation with a firm yet inclusive hand, clever wit, and clear sense of the destination in mind.
— Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise
Alison brings a high level of insight to solving business challenges. She understands complex issues quickly and helps establish an environment that allows team members to develop their strengths and find their way to a workable solution.
— Ariella Stober, Director, Investments, Blue Moon Capital Partners LLC
Our team is comprised of people who have been with the organization for many years and new people who only joined recently. Alison designed a retreat that caused each group to learn to value what the other has to offer. She helped us recognize that creating a solid team is an ongoing process with specific steps and stages. Her team building approach has definitely made the assimilation process faster and less stressful.
— Katharine Conover, Executive Director, Jackson Hole Community Foundation
As the founder of a young company, I needed to find my own leadership style and to establish a work rhythm for my team. Alison help me to determine how best to vet, manage and motivate the people who work for me in a way that reflects my voice and values. She has also helped me to cut through the fog of day to day running of the business and take a long look at our goals for the company’s growth. She helped me make strategic choices about where to focus our energy and where we need to build capability. Her counsel has been practical and effective. Her experience, humor and intelligence have been truly inspiring.
— Elise Pettus, Founder,

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